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    1. Rosewood Furniture Delivery Trucks

      "......We received the furniture which was very well protected and carefully handled. You and your people were great in doing business and very helpful. So once again thank you very much and hopefully we can do business again."
      Jindaye Chetram, New York, 1/22/2016

      "The night stands arrived a little over an hour ago and they are beautiful and in wonderful shape. They are unpacked and in use as I write. Thank you for your attention. I am old fashioned and believe in customer service, and you certainly provided it."
      Len Franzen, Cathedral City, CA, 12/9/2015


      Due to local guidelines and restrictions, we are currently offering curbside pick-up only. If you have any larger items that require shipping, we welcome any arrangements for third-party movers.

      Thank you for your understanding and please reach?out with any questions or concerns.

      "We are so happy with the coffee table and end tables in our front room and know that it was money well spent to obtain such high quality pieces. Thank you for your great customer service and it has been a pleasure to deal with you."
      Jim & Sharon Brammer, Canada, 3/4/2016


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