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    1. Rosewood Furniture Storefront

      About Us

      Rosewood Furniture Inc. offers the finest and largest selection of luxury Asian furniture, designed for your modern home and contemporary taste. Our 26,000 square feet showroom features hundreds of original designs. Traditional Chinese influences meet 21st-century style at Rosewood Furniture Inc. Find any and all of your Asian furniture and home furnishing needs here!

      Chinese furniture has retained its architectural character and pristine dignity through centuries of evolved taste. At Rosewood Furniture Inc., we pride ourselves as a pioneer and the finest distributor of Asian furniture since 1982. We make respecting traditional structures an utmost priority in our designs, for ensured long-lasting quality.

      All of our pieces are handmade and solid wood, so you know you have unmatched quality and durability. Hand-rubbed finishing provides the elegant sheen and color your family will admire for generations to come. We also do not use veneer or particleboard in any of our furniture manufacturing.

      Our business in rosewood furniture began with Grandfather Wu who was an apprentice in China over 100 years ago. We are proud to continue the family tradition of excellence in both our supply and service, regardless of your location.

      Didn’t find what you were looking for? Give us a call at 713-975-8605. We are happy to work with you in outfitting your home and/or office.

      Indulge in the beautiful styles of Chinese furniture and the unique designs of Rosewood Furniture Inc. today. Let us be your new Asian decor and lifestyle resource.

      Visit our 26,000 square feet showroom of the finest in Oriental furniture.

      Rosewood manufacturer:

      J.L. George Ltd.


      3020 Fondren Road
      Houston, Texas 77063

      Monday-Sunday: 12:00 pm to 6:00 pm

      Furniture origin:

      China, Hong Kong, Thailand

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      Custom orders are also available

      Follow us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/rosewoodfurnitureinc


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